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Extremely rare engraving of Admiral Horatio Nelson's water borne funeral procession of January 8th 1806. Published less than one month later, on February 1st 1806, by G. Thompson of Long Lane, West Smithfield. Condition is generally grubby with some smallish tears to periphery and paper loss to lower right corner. It is back onto stout rag type paper of the period and was at one time the property of a Captain Davis of Solyhull. Unframed and no attempt has be made to clean or restore so should respond well in the right hands. Pre-dates the better known and larger print from the same view point by George Thompson that was published nearly two months later on March 28th and was thus in the nature of a preliminary proof print to envisage how the worked up and finished work would appear. This very rare print does have some condition issues but is priced accordingly. Dimensions approximately 370 by 470mm

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unrestored original

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Admiral Nelson funeral rare print 1806
The Battle of Waterloo June 18th. 1815.Dedicated with permission to Lieu.t General the Most Noble Henry William Paget, Marquis of Anglesey & Earl of Uxbridge G:C:B: K.M.T. & K.S.G. [By Lieu.t R.P. Read.] Drawn & Etched by W. Heath. Aquatinted by R. Reeve. [London. Publish'd, June 4th 1817. for the Proprietor: by J. & M. Rippin No.21 Theobald's Road.] Coloured aquatint. Sheet 395 x 545mm (15½ x 21½") An intense battle scene, with British infantry closing in on the French cavalry from both sides. A mortar explodes in the foreground and cannon balls streak across the sky. This rare print's paper extends beyond the window mount and, unlike many others that have survived, has suffered no loss of image, dedications etc. It has some foxing however and two vertical light burns (browning). In the flesh these are less intrusive than the photo might suggest but are present all the same - some careful restoration should improve this print overall however. £325 including postage to any UK address.

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Battle of Waterloo coloured aquatint 1817