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The Dominion Toy Manufacturing Co was established in Toronto in 1911 and made Dolls and Teddy Bears until 1932. Characterised by their life like heads with opening and closing eyes and fully ball jointed , if verging on primitive, composition bodies this example is typical of the firm's products. Brought back to England by a family who spent time in Canada during the early part of the last century this has the look of DTMC's Eaton Beauty, which was made for one year only in 1915. ......ooooh - by the way she stands about 20 inches tall in her stockinged feet.

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early 20th C Canadian doll in ethnic clothing
A loveable pair of dolls for the those who like such things - we are not very keen but as these came via a clearance here they are ready and waiting for new and appreciative homes. There's a bisque Kewpie for £45 that needs its arms re-attaching and a 1950s prestige that is pretty good for its years at £20....Condition? - Kewpie needs its arms attaching - The Prestige is the youngest of this little duo and is in fair shape but the its eyes are a little reluctant to blink demurely - more of a lazy droop of the eyelids.

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vintage Dolls - Kewpie, Prestige