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A mixed collection of antique pewter (and one copper) tankards, measures, jugs etc - many with Georgian and William IV touch marks - for many years these were in the well known North Devon pub the Duke of York at Iddesleigh. - priced individually but prefer to sell as one lot for £200

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Antique pewter measures, tankards, jugs etc 1800s
Set of six pewter plates - a little over 9 inches in diameter and all with matching London touch marks but of varying legibility. There are also two substantial chargers. One is about 18 inches in diameter and the other about 15. Neither have marks and both in poor condition - the larger with some corroded holes and denting, the smaller with circumferential splitting. All came from the same mid-Devon farmhouse and

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Set of six pewter plates - London touch marks -
Four old French pewter measures - 1/2 litre, 1/2 litre, 2 deciliter and 1 decilitre. All have maker's marks. As we are by no means experts or even knowledgable on continental pewter and AA stipulate a date we have assigned a notional period of date of 1925 to 40 - they may be older (which we doubt, or younger.

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French Pewter Measures