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A good watercolour by the Scottish 'pierhead' artist George P. Wiseman (born 1905) of the Revenue Cutter 'Diligence' about to intercept a French vessel in 1830. The Diligence was launched in 1799 and proved to be one of the swiftest of its type, serving for many years in the English Channel and on the South Coast in the prevention of illicit cargoes such as wines and spirits reaching England without payment of duty. Measuring 29 inches by 22 inches overall, with an image of 21 inches by 14 inches this work by Wiseman was almost certainly executed in the 1960s - its it is well mounted and framed with colurs remaining vivid and true with just a hint of foxing to add character.

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Marine painting - Revenue Cutter Diligence
A diorama of two three masted sailing vessels on a choppy sea contained in a 12 inch high glass flagon having a turned wooden stopper inset with a Guernsey (Channel Isles) 8 doubles coin. This unusial piece of nautical folk art most probably dates from the 1930s so it is likely that the 1834 copper coin was used in centennial fashion - perhaps by a fisherman or sailor of St Peter Port - the likely maker of such a thing? We are not convinced that the wicker work adds to the general appearance but that is how it came to us and we shall leave it just so - thus giving the new owner the option to remove it or not.

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Three masted sailing ships in a bottle 1930s