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A carved and incised wooden shield from the Songye Tribe of the Congo. 13 by 19 inches overall.

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Songye Tribal Shield Congo
A West African Carved Wood Figure carrying wicker fish tap on his back, a seashell slung over his shoulder and a curious "basket" in front. He wears a headress with feathers protruding and appears to be eating . The whole stands on a turtle or tortoise shell.

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West African Carved Wood Figure
An antelope mask from the Bobo people of southern Burkina Faso. Traditionally masks of this type are realistic representations of sacred animals. The face is mostly dark wood but with a white semi-circle carved into each cheek and deftly incised carving around the eyes along with a broad arrow shape running from forehead to nose - all filled with kaolin or similar white pigment and given a brown overwash. The rectangular-shaped ears are nicely carved and the inner ear is finished in white. The dark curved horns are also well formed and incised for three quarters of their length, these and the tips decorated once again with kaolin. This well carved mask is not of any great age but was made in the traditional way by the families who pass their craft down from one generation to the next as they are still used in Burkina Faso's biennial Festima. Measuring a little over 22 inches high he would make a handsome, more ethical, and dare we say it far more decorative, alternative to the currently fashionable taxidermied game heads as wall adornment. The price of £130 includes insured postage to a UK address.

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African Antelope head mask