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Late 19th century sea chest or maritime campaign chest. Original brass escutcheons and handles to drawers. Original locks to top drawers but no key, lock missing on lower drawer. Original iron carrying handles. Measures 38 inches wide by 21 inches deep and 22 inches high.

Price £485    €543.49    $632.78

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Sea Chest or maritime campaign chest
Two oak banks of card index filing drawers. Both made by the North of England School Furniture Company of Darlington, carrying their transfer and impressed with GR cypher. Can be located side by side or stacked. Used in same studio for many years but not an exact match as you can see by photos. Circa 1920 and in as used, unrestored condition. Each is 435mm high by 530mm deep and one is 340mm wide whilst the other is 350mm. Drawers are 100mm high........£180 each or £340 for the both.

Price £340    €381.00    $443.60

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Oak card index filing cabinets with drawers
A 1920s / 1930s Mahogany 3 section stacking bookcase with separate top and base and 6 glazed doors. The deeper base section is sized for reference books while the top two have an adjustable shelf. Good condition throughout and original fittings. H 1800mm x W 880mm x D 280mm/230mm

Price £495.00    €554.70    $645.83

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Early 20th century Mahogany Stacking Bookcase
This mid 19th century pine table has something a French look about with its tapered legs but its pegged 3 plank top and general construction points to it being West Country English - which is were we found it incidentally. Measuring 72 inches by 32 there is room to feed six with ease or a couple more with a squeeze and having no drawers and a height of 29 inches there should be plenty or leg room with conventional chairs or benches. Stands straight and firm with no wobble or sway - the top boards have shrunk over the years however to whilst one has a gap the other has at some time had a fillet applied.

Price £625    €700.38    $815.44

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Circa 1850 pine farmhouse table 6ft - 3 plank top
We couldn't resist this much travelled chair with its connection to the uncrowned king of magic and wizardry during the 19th century John Henry Anderson - or the Great Wizard of the North! Walnut framed arm chair of, we would say, either a French or American maker carrying an engraved plaque to the rear bearing the legend ' Presented to Mrs John Smith by John Henry Anderson (The great Wizard of the North) as a token of his gratitude for the many acts of kindness done to him by her beloved Husband. Boston. Massachusetts. United States of America. 29th September 1852'. The Wizard was indeed touring the United States at this time and it is intriguing to ponder upon what services Mr Smith could have performed that resulted in such a gift - hopefully not an unsuccessful rendition of anderson's gun trick! Whilst the upholstery is not the original it has some age and is very usable, with good springing, webbing and padding, despite showing very slight signs of having been caressed by a cat's claws at the back. The Boston date of 1852 There is much to be found about the Great Wizard of the North, as he was apparently dubbed by Walter Scott, on the 'web' but this is how Britannica sums him up - John Henry Anderson, (born July 14, 1814, Craigmyle, Aberdeen, Scot.—died Feb. 5, 1874, Darlington, Durham, Eng.), Scottish conjurer and actor, the first magician to demonstrate and exploit the value of advertising. Described on playbills as “Professor Anderson, the Wizard of the North,” he first performed in 1831. Seasons at Edinburgh (1837) and Glasgow (1838–39) followed. In London (1840) he made use of the most elaborate collection of magical apparatus ever seen there. During a U.S. tour (1851–53) Anderson first did his famous “gun trick,” by which he appeared to catch a bullet fired by someone in the audience. On his return to Great Britain he performed before Queen Victoria and then took the title role in the melodrama Rob Roy at the Lyceum and Covent Garden theatres (1855–56). The three-day “Grand Carnival” with which the Covent Garden seasons were concluded ended in disaster in 1857 when Anderson tried to dispel drunken revelers by lowering the gaslights. The ceiling caught fire, and the theatre was burned down. This only added to his fame, and he continued to tour widely, his style of presentation gradually becoming less flamboyant.

Price £585    €655.55    $763.25

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Great Wizard of the North - presentation chair
A 17th or early 18th century Oak 6-plank Chest with 5 faux octagonal panels to the front, curiously not all of the same dimensions giving a lovely, quirky country look. The front and sides of the chest still have a covering of ancient "ox-blood" colour with a good texture to the finish. The interior is divided into 4 with more substantial oak boards, giving the chest a very heavy construction throughout its considerable size. The floor has been damaged by water or damp over the years but is still serviceable. A few new pieces of oak have been used to both strengthen the lid and lift it slightly from the floor. There is an old lock but no key or hasp. Dimensions :- 1700mm x 480mm x 480mm 67" x 19" x 19"

Price £675.00    €756.41    $880.67

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Early Oak 6-plank Chest with faux octagonal panels
A rare pair of seventeenth century oak high back stools , most probably French in origin .

Price £335.00    €375.40    $437.07

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High back stools
An unusually small eigthteenth century oak panel back settle.Good colour and lovely signs of wear . The. base. is especially interesting with silhouette central uprights .

140cms wide x136cms tall

Price £595.00    €666.76    $776.30

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Oak Settle
An oak bureau of compact dimensions from the second quarter of the eighteenth century with well containing three secret drawers and other compartments - also two more secret compartments to the rear of the drawers below the pigeon holes (possibly any or all a safer hiding place for your collection of Rolex watches or other valuables than a home safe?). Just 36 inches wide by 20 inches deep and 40 inches high this dear old care worn piece is totally worm and rot free as well as being structurally solid and has its original drawer bottoms with grain running fore and aft as well as its original back boards - it has understandably had repairs and alterations at various stages of its 275 odd years - notably replacement bracket feet, replacement handles and some small spliced in sections. All these were done years ago however and some would say add to its undeniable character.....of little import but perhaps of interest we found an old sale ticket in one of the drawers from years back when it was being offered for £775......since then inflation has been on a massive scale but due to the perversity of today's market it can be yours for about one £ for every year of its life.

Price £295    €330.58    $384.89

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mid 18th C oak bureau with well and 'secrets'
Edwardian Oak Office or Desk Chair Excellent quality office chair is of solid oak and has an attractive curving slatted shaped back with a wide curved top rail and comfortable arm rests. The seat has a saddle shape which is carved from solid Oak and very Comfortable This stylish piece of office or study furniture dates from the early 20th Century and has a wonderful patina The back of the chair is 33” from the ground, the seat height is 17” (these measurements are adjustable up wards) and it is 19” wide across the front - additionally the mechanism allows it to tip with progressive spring restraint.....the latter to be employed when you are enacting a Philip Marlowe impersonation and eyeing up your client, tie loosened, cigar in hand and fedora pushed to the back of your head!

Price £335    €375.40    $437.07

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Edwardian revolving office or desk chair
A good 19th century French cherry wood table with 3 plank top, tapered legs and single side drawer. Measures just an inch under six foot long at 71 inches by 31 inches across and 30 inches high - legroom should be fine with most chairs as it is 24 inches. A good many of similar tables have had their legs 'tipped' to gain extra height or to get rid of rot at their lower extremities - this table, as you can see has not needed this work and the legs, although showing signs of historic woodworm to the surface in places, are original, sound and sturdy. The drawer is compartmented as they sometimes are and there is a small section of the lower edge missing (as will be seen in the photos). Will seat six very comfortably or eight with a bit of a squeeze. We have pictured this table with a set of circa 1800 English camel back elm chairs which we also have in stock as we think they look rather good together - the chairs are available separately for £620 or if someone would like both table and chairs £1650 for the entire ensemble.

Price £1160    €1299.90    $1513.45

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19th century French Cherry Wood dining table 6ft
A particularly handsome mid 19th century French Armoire of classical and restrained proportions in cherry with chestnut side and rear panels. Standing 215 cm high it has an overall width of 140cm with external depth of 59cm and 55cm internally - this allowing plenty of room for clothing on coat hangers. Unrestored and original, with the exception of a later brass rail for hangers, it has the deep warm glow that well polished cherry acquires with age, whilst the chestnut side panels are of a more sombre hue. The are are pair of original drop in shelves to the interior - one of which has to be removed in order to hang clothes. Brass hinges, long brass escutcheon and its lock are original but its key had been mislaid by its last owners (they are still looking and hopefully it will surface). Both cornice and doors are easily removable but the remainder is in one piece. It is structurally sound, stands square on its well formed and substantial feet and what traces of old woodworm that there are was treated long ago and is therefore historic.

140cm wide - 215cm high and 59cm deep

Price £1120    €1255.07    $1461.26

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19th century French Cherry Wood Armoire