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Large French poster for the 1981 James Bond film - for your Eyes Only - 47 inches by 63 inches. Like all our film posters this is the real deal and not some cheap repro! Price includes insured postage to any UK address.

47 by 63 inches

Price £200    €230.36    $261.40

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James Bond - For Your Eyes Only - film poster
Original Argentinian one sheet (27 inches by 41 inches) poster for the 1957 film - Boy on a Dolphin - Starring Sophia Loren, Clifton Webb and Alan Ladd - depicting Sophia emerging from the ocean in a rather, for the period, risque clinging wet clothing. Price of £180 includes fully insured postage to any UK address.

Price £180    €207.32    $235.26

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Boy on a Dolphin 1957 Sophia Loren Film Poster
Original poster for the 1963 film 'Irma La Douce' starring Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon. Price includes fully insured postage to an UK address. NB - we have many other film posters available and can email a list upon request.

Price £120    €138.22    $156.84

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Irma La Douce - original 1963 film poster.
Original early 1950s poster for the steamy 1953 Mexican film La Red starring the Latina temptress Rossana Podesta. Has mailing folds and marks commensurate with age but will frame/display with a great deal of impact. A little larger than the regular US one sheet at approximately 29 by 43 inches. Price includes insured postage to any UK address. We have many other film posters available and can email a list upon request. "La red" is a story of sexual desire, reportedly inspired by Maxim Gorki's "Malva", and interestingly told with sparse dialogue, and mostly through images, a strategy that merited a special award by the jury in the Cannes film festival. When a robbery fails, a thief escapes, while his mate is caught by the police. The fugitive goes to a remote community to hide from the law, living in a hut by the sea with a beautiful woman (Rossana Podestà) who fishes sponges and sells then in town. But then his mate is released, and the three have to live together. As expected, desire and jealousy arise. When the film premiered in Cannes, Robert Wise selected little-known Italian actress Podestà to play the leading role in "Helen of Troy" and Warner Brothers backed the decision. Remade 25 years later by Fernández, as "Erótica".

Price £90    €103.66    $117.63

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seductive 1953 film poster - La Red -
Original German poster for the Roman Polanski film Chinatwon - printed in 1974 by foto-Graphic Lutz of Rohrbach. Size about 23 inches by 32 inches and, apart from normal mailing fold marks, is in very presentable condition. Price £100 including insured postage to UK address. NB - we have many other film poster in stack and can email a list upon request.

Price £100    €115.18    $130.70

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Chinatown - Jack Nicholson - cult film poster
Original US one sheet film poster for the cult teenage rebellion classic 'Untamed youth' starring the impossibly curvaceous Mamie van Doren. Here's a quick synopsis - Sisters Jane and Penny are arrested for hitch hiking on their way to Los Angeles when they stop for a quick skinny-dip in a rural town. Local agricultural magnate Tropp is a sponsor for a local prison work program and the women get put in the cotton fields to work off their sentence. Tropp marries the middle-aged widowed judge in order to ensure a stable supply of cheap labor in order to undercut his competition. The prisoners suffer ill treatment, but the judge's son has signed on as a hired hand and begins to figure out the scam as he begins falling in love with Jane, and Penny dreams of making it big in showbiz. - or better still watch the trailer or even the entire movie on youtube. Poster measures 27 by 41 inches as do all US one sheet posters. Originally folded for mailing by NSS and has been displayed in cinemas so there are some very minor blemishes resulting from this - in truly excellent condition for its age however and would frame and display very well. Price £240, which includes insured postage to UK address. NB we have a large number of other original film posters covering many genres and nationalities - prices from £20 upwards - email for list.

Price £240    €276.43    $313.68

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Untamed Youth original 1957 movie poster