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A wonderfully executed Yaoure ancestor mask - Yaoure people of the Ivory Coast region. The price of £220 includes insured postage to UK address.

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African Tribal Mask - Yaoure - Ivory Coast
A poker work and carved portrait of the poet and playwright Ben Johnson on an oak panel. Manuscript ink label to reverse says it was done by Dr Griffith, 1798, Master of University College, Oxford. Sourced from a local farming Family Original frame measures 21" x 29" From other records, the likeness seems very good

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Carved Portrait of Ben Johnson 1798
Bamboozled by glossy magazines and chichi shops people currently buy and adorn their homes with some appallingly naff but supposedly decorative tat - the point and purpose of which must totally mystify its manufacturers in far off lands. Millions of knick knacks and pointlessania - just walk down any high street, look in the window of one of 'those shops'....the perpetrators of this nonsense should be locked in a room filled with nothing but cushions adorned with the word LOVE - or perhaps I LOVE NY. For those who wish to cut loose from the herd however we give you Toto and Nenette..... A whimsical little couple from the 1930s when if you used the word love it probably carried a little more weight and NY meant first stop Ellis Island for those seeking to enrich their lives in the US. No need to travel that far or spend too much - just £55. And who knows it could just be the start.....a room, a house, full of incredibly unusual pre war kitsch that'll likely know no peer and not break the bank. But who were they, who were Toto and Nenette? By the way, in case you are wondering, they are cast in plaster and, almost certainly, hand painted.

Price £55    €61.63    $71.76

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Bizarre 1930s kitsch figurines - who were they?